Barking Beauties


Clare Shutt, Professional Dog Groomer


Unit 428B, Birch Park,

Street 7,

Thorp Arch Estate,

Wetherby LS23 7FG


Tel: 01937841455

Mo:  07783557159

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Barking Beauties

*Hello and welcome to the Barking Beauties web site.


We at Barking Beauties understand how precious your pooch is to you and strive to make the grooming process as enjoyable as possible. It's not just about bathing and styling your pet, we do a skin and coat assessment and will happily discuss with you, about you and your dogs individual needs and what it is most suited to your life style. 


 We will do our upmost to follow your specifications, otherwise style the dog to breed standard.


All dogs are treated with patience and respect and a huge amount of affection. We often "Fall in Love" with your pooch and thoroughly enjoy pampering them, so consequently look forward to their next visit.


 We have a wide range of specialised Ph Balanced Shampoo's and Coat Treatments, so your pet will always return to you fresh , clean and smelling great and looking great too !


 If you ever want to discuss any changes to your pet style or have any queries, including demostrations of how to keep your pooch knot free and looking good between appointments, please feel free to talk to us.


The staff at Barking Beauties pride themselves on being understanding ,friendly and approachable.


If in any instance your dog comes to us with a matted coat, we will do our best to save the coat however if this is not tolerated by your dog, as this can be very uncomfotable ,we would clip off the coat to spare any pain or distress to your pet and "Start again" with your dogs styling process.


 We will NOT do this without your prior consent, unless you cannot be contacted and we have no other choice.


At Barking Beauuties we love dogs and treat them as we do our own. You can be assured, we want the best for them, just as much as you do !


Thank you for reading.       Please Check out our reviews and hope to see you soon !





*Any anxious, nervous or aggressive dogs will be handled with patience and understanding.


 Any dog showing excessive aggression will be muzzled. If a muzzle is not accepted by your pet and shows aggression to the extent of being a danger to itself or staff, we reserve the right to refuse a return appointment


We hope you understand